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Doing Your Nails, Easy Peasy With Gel Nail Polish

There are all sorts of gel nail polishes in the market today, and they come in various colors and shades, but you should remember to be moderate when buying the gel nail polish because picking the wrong colour can leave you with a streaky mess on your nails. That’s why we’ve compiled this list to help you find just the perfect shade for your nails.

1. PN Selfgel Home Manicure Kit including color

This is the perfect starter kit for your at-home manicure needs. You get everything you need in the box. It’s all in one package and can be used with other PN polishes. The kit contains your base coat, top coat, color, activator, and brush all in one box.

2. Vinylux Weekly Polish by Essie

This gel nail polish kit comes with 30 shades and a top coat, and you only need to buy the base and color. The good thing about this is that it absorbs fast and gives you a high-shine finish. It’s easy to apply, and you’ve got 30 days of wear on your nails, which is a plus

3. Nailene Gel Polish

This award-winning gel nail polish kit is perfect for doing your nails at home. There are 20 colors available, so it’s easy to find one that suits your taste. This gel polish kit has the activator, base coat, top coat, and color in one package.

4. Vintage Gel Polish by Design Vision

This polish is very easy to use, and you can apply it on your nails when you’ve got full strength on your cuticles and no chipped or broken nails. The top coat seals the color in, so you won’t have to worry about the color peeling off later.

5. Colour Club

Colour Club is one of the oldest gel nail polish brands focusing on cosmetics. It’s one of the budget-friendly lines and has a wide range of colours. The colour you should choose depends on where you will put it. Any colour would look great if you’re doing your nails at home!

6. OPI Gelcolor

This is perfect for doing your nails in public because it comes with a convenient mini size allowing you to carry it wherever you go. It has 18 different shades, so choosing the right color will be fine for you.


No matter what gel nail polish you choose, it’s your choice because they all do the same thing. They hold up your nails in that great-looking shade, giving them a high-shine look. Even if you do not want to go through all the trouble of getting out of bed to open the door and get yourself a cup of coffee or treating yourself to a relaxing massage before going out to work or taking care of kids, you don’t need to worry about doing your nails because there’s gel nail polish for that!

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